Beauty has an Address – OMAN

Trust me guys ! writing to get selected for OMAN is O MG! Thing and it really takes a lot of strenuous efforts so that my entry to be selected but then second thought hey! write what your heart says ! and enjoy Oman from here in my virtual world where visualizations going to be super strong. So, friend’s here it goes and believe me m still smiling while writing cause its just before my eyes.

“My Joy will knew no bounds” when I will reach Oman and will explore the most beautiful place.

Its really going to be the most unforgettable experience of my life where will be visiting their traditional villages, souqs, museums, forts, castle, religious sites, crafts, frankincense roaming anywhere and to learn more about their culture, traditions and a lot.

For me it will be appearing as m on the adventure island or wonderland and totally in love with the nature, reserves, valleys, mountains, caves, deserts, beaches, islands, water springs, lagoons, rocks park, canyon, muscat geosite, excitedly running on the sands bare feet holding my breathe so as to explore the nature’s beauty more.

Thinking about the activities my heart is beating very fast for scuba diving, boating, climbing, via ferrata, trekking, deserts, camping, caving, golf, kitesurfing – kiteboarding, shopping, whale watching, birds watching, turtle watching, dolphin watching, camel racing, horse racing, off-road, muscat geoheritage
I am waiting to taste their food and know more about their cuisines especially vegetarian ones so that can try my hand when i will be back to India.

It appears to me as i will be a dream come true and totally in love with Oman already !

The Beauty has an Address its OMAN 🙂

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