My Ordeal to OMAN

Recently, was watching the salalah port oman on discovery channel as they were telling how Port of Salalah is a world class transshipment hub in the West Central Asia Region. Suddenly, my eyes my dear friends were busy in capturing the beauty of the blue clear water and everything around them.

I was lost in my thoughts what will i do if i landed upto someplace where nobody speaks my language and i don’t understand their language suddenly voice came from inside come on! Smile is the universal language all understands it and there is nothing to worry about it.

So, what i understand by OMAN is Oh Man ! your creativity had turned this place into a beautiful place to explore where one can enjoy all the scenic beauties in that part of world where i guess people might be having second thought about this place whereas the recreation games and activities are full of adventure and once again you are at place where things will be turned for the best to explore.

All have a sweet little child presence in terms of curiosity to know and here it will be learning more about their villages where people are keen to know more about the villages, heritage, culture and above all traditions and expecially how the women presence is changed in Oman and would like to know more after interacting with them. How they are able to know more about their individuality in terms of identity and more. I know in this era where women are moving ahead how the women of Oman are feeling and how they enjoy their life in Oman which is the most important question that will be answered by them after meeting them in Oman.

To know more would like to explore Oman :-

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